Because of Chesie- one of my classmates of Goldsmiths College, who I have met again on facebook recently, I'll try my best to post "25 random things" about myself, but not all at one time, it's such a big subject to me!! I am thinking of seperating this into Part I, II, III. Also, I'm not going to tag my friends to do this. Anyone who is interested in this subject can take it. If you read English only, please scroll down your screen, you'll see English version under all those Chinese.



  1. 我很喜歡做拼布包,已經有五年多的製作經驗,累積下來做了不下數百個各式包包,少部分自己使用或送人當禮物,大部分則寄放在店裡賣(也同步在網路上賣),賺一點零用錢。
  2. 我有兩個小孩,一男一女,今年四月剛滿兩歲。不用懷疑,他們兩個是異卵雙生,也是俗稱的龍鳳胎。可是因為體型的差距越來越大,最近他們常被路人誤以為是差距一歲左右的兄妹。
  3. 除非不在家,要不然我幾乎每天上網。最近最常上的是噗浪網,加入的原因是我喜歡的兩位網誌作家都使用噗浪,噗浪在台灣很流行,功能與facebook有些類似。
  4. 我很想念二叔,在我小時候,他結婚之前,他陪伴我的時間比我父親還要多。可是,他英年早逝,離開人間已經20年了。
  5. 在我祖母過世之前,我沒能多花點時間陪伴她,這讓我感到遺憾。雖然她和我母親始終處不好,可是她對我一直都很好。
  6. 在我的婚姻人際關係中,老公的姊姊們以及大嫂,都對待我如同她們的妹妹一樣,這種溫馨的感受在我的原生家庭裡從來沒有過,因此我也很珍惜和她們之間的緣分。
  7. 我很想住在大城市裡,無論是台北、台中,或是高雄都好。但是我老公的工作在嘉義,所以這一項目前只是個夢想。
  8. 我曾經去過且最喜愛的城市是英格蘭的約克。我喜歡那裡的風景和生活步調。
  9. 我養了三隻寵物-兩隻迷你兔(一隻快要七歲,另一隻也將近六歲)和一隻迷你雪納瑞。如果幾年前先有小孩,我應該就不會養寵物了。
  10. 我的英文名字在大學畢業前是Jenny,在英國的第一年使用Sharon,第二年到倫敦才改為Jynn,並且沿用至今。採用的原因是發音接近中文名字,但是朋友之中已有人使用Jin和Jean,所以才會自己拼出另外一個同音字。


  1. I like to do handwrought bags. I've learned for 5+ years, and have made hundreds of bags. I keep some of them myself, sometimes send them as gift, but most of them are being products in a store or sold on web.
  2. I have twins, boy and girl each. Now 25m old. They are non-identical twins, in Chinese it's called dragon and phoenix twins. Due to their figures, they are often in mistake for 1-year-interval siblings by strangers.
  3. I surve on web almost everyday unless I am not home. Recently, I use "plurk" much more than other website. The reason I join plurk is 2 of my favorite blog writters are using it. 
  4. The person I miss much is my uncle. When I was a kid, he took the place of my dad in my mind before he got married. However, he had died for 20 years.
  5. I feel pity that I couldn't have accompanied my grandma before she passed away. Though she was not able to cope with my mother well, she was very kind to me.
  6. I like my sisters-in-law, they cosset me just like I am their youngest sister. The warm feeling is what I lacked of in my original family. Therefore, I cherish my relationships with them.
  7. I'd like to live in a big city. No matter it is Taipei, Taichung, or Kaohsiung. But since my husband has to work in Chiayi, it is only be my dream.
  8. My favorite place I've been to is York. I like the scenery and pace there.
  9. Ihave 3 pets, 2 of them are bunnies (now 1 is almost 7 years old, the other is almost 6 years old), the other one is miniature Schnauzer. Years ago, if I had kids first , I probably would not have any pets.
  10. My English name was Jenny before I graduated from the university. Then, I was Sharon during the first year of studying in England. I decided to be Jynn when I started my life in London, and this name is used till now. "Jynn" is pronounced close to my Chinese name, since I have had friends named "Jin" and "Jean", I spelled a homophomous name. That was how "Jynn" came out.
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